About Us

We are...

The Urgent Care Center for Your Roof

If you're in Jacksonville or Orange Park, give us a call at the first sight of a problem.

We'll evaluate your roof and provide solutions based on our 30+ years of experience.

You'll get:
  Pictures of the problem
 A detailed action plan

We'll show you the source of the problem,
and you don't even have to climb a ladder

Actual "before" pictures

We carry...

"The Famous Roof Repair Shop on Wheels"

When we come to evaluate your roof,
we bring the Roof Repair Shop with us.

Since we come equipped with everything we need,
in most cases we can repair your roof on the spot—
saving you time and money.

That's why they call us...

We can correct the following issues and more with care and professionalism:

  • replacing roof shingles
  • removing damaged wood
  • sealing flat roofs
  • chimney leaks
  • much more

Our Promise

If you ask us to do the work, we give you the assurance that your roof work will be done with a high level quality in workmanship and materials.

Our Mission

Quality Roofing exists to:

  • Help you find ways to make your roof last longer.

  • Assist you in gaining the benefits of periodic roof maintenance.

  • Do our best to save you money and time.

Quality Roofing seeks to accomplish its mission by:

  • Doing each job right the first time. We will take all the time that needed to fully assess the situation and the root causes of roof defects.
    By correctly diagnosing the situation, we will have a much higher rate of success in bringing roof solutions.

  • Providing roof inspection and evaluation services. By concentrating on roofing repairs, instead of looking to install a new roof, we work hard to find ways to help your roof last longer.


More About Us

We are proud to have been named "Small Business of the Month" of August 2017 by The Clay County Chamber of Commerce, a group of local business professionals who are committed to excellence.

Quality Roofing & Inspections is:

  • a Division of Quality Inspections of North Florida, LLC. A Florida Corporation.
  • Owned by Stephen Monks, a certified Florida state roofing contractor, with experience dating back to 1983.