Roofing Maintenance

Tips for Homeowners

Self-maintenance can
help your roof last longer


Here are few things to watch out for...


Leaves and other debris

Debris can cause water to become trapped on your roof. This can cause staining, the growth of algae, and ultimately water leaks.

A simple roof cleaning two to three times a year or anytime debris begins to build can prevent these problems.

Lifted Nails

Look at your roof from the ground. Do you see lifted shingles that resemble "fish mouths"? These are usually caused by nails that have backed out of the roof's wood decking. They are potential leaks and should be sealed after the nail has been removed or nailed back down.
These are more difficult to properly correct, so you may want call on us if you spot one of these.

Warping, Sagging, or Poor Installation

If your home has any roof-to-wall intersections, check if the shingles or the wall show indications of moisture intrusion or an improper installation. There should be flashing hidden underneath the shingles and the wall to stop water leakage. But if you notice leaking, warping, or sagging---the flashing may be damaged.

Taking care of this now can prevent bigger headaches later!